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Contact & Specialty Lens Exams

Contact & Specialty Lens Exams

Whether you’re tired of wearing glasses or you want to start with contact lenses to correct your vision, Mountain West Eyecare can help. No matter what you’re looking for – hard, soft, single vision, multifocal, or toric (for astigmatism) contact lenses – we have them! Dr. Gillett will discuss the variety of contact lens options with you after your comprehensive eye exam to determine the type that will meet your vision needs and lifestyle. Contact lenses are available in either soft or rigid form.

Soft Contacts:

There have been big advancements in the material and availability of soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are comfortable and available in many types of prescriptions, such as spherical, toric (astigmatism), and multifocal. We offer a wide variety of types and brands of contacts at affordable prices. At Mountain West Eyecare, we want you to look and feel as confident and as comfortable as possible.

Hybrid Lenses:

This is a blend of gas-permeable and soft contact lenses to provide crisp vision with comfort. This is a great option for high astigmatism, corneal conditions, and keratoconus.

Gas Permeable Lenses:

A small-diameter hard contact lens that provides durability and crisp vision.

Scleral Lenses:

Large-diameter hard contacts fit on the sclera (white) of your eye. They are highly customizable and designed to correct even the most difficult vision. This is a great option for corneal conditions and moderate to severe keratoconus.

Schedule an appointment at Mountain West Eyecare in West Valley City, UT, to get the perfect contact lenses for you. During your initial appointment, we will address any questions and concerns you have about contacts.


A Contact lens exam includes an evaluation of cornea (front surface of eye) to determine which contact is the best option, an evaluation of the fit of the contact on the eye, and a prescription for contact lenses. 

A regular eye exam does not evaluate contact lenses and you do not get a prescription for contact lenses. The contact lens exam can be added to the comprehensive eye exam.

Specialty contacts are designed to treat corneal conditions or other eye issues that conventional contacts cannot treat.



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